Getting there is half the fun

Though Haiti is often defined by its challenges, this little island nation boasts natural beauty and a population of proud and passionate people ready to work hard to improve their lives. I am humbled and honored to walk with them. And beginning in late spring 2013, I’m taking the long way home — moving to Port-au-Prince and traveling across Haiti to work alongside farmers and those who care about them. This is not an office job. This is a calling, the chance to meet people where they are, where they work and struggle and triumph.
On this blog, you will find stories I find along the way. Some of these stories I will seek out, but I’m betting that the most marvelous ones will be those I stumble upon.
Come along. Join me as I go. Just be warned — I have a tendency to meander.

3 thoughts on “Getting there is half the fun”

  1. Cindy: I love your stories. I’m coming to Port au Prince for a couple weeks in November to visit some of my “kids”. Would love to talk with you. I’m a farmer/engineer from MN and have worked in Haiti for years.

    1. Hey Ron! I am sorry I am so delayed in responding to this! Thanks for getting in touch. I would like to know more about your organization. Send a link if you can, please.

  2. I hear that there is/will be an agricultural college in the northern part of Haiti. Is this true? Can you tell me anything about this?

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